Down to the last mile and foot, understanding the end-to-end service delivery of your critical applications is time critical to pinpointing issues and ensuring a great user experience. Many internal dependencies, such as WiFi performance and network device health, can impact application performance. Traditional WiFi bandwidth monitors and LAN bandwidth monitors do not have the visibility to see across both local and wireless networks.

Benex provides deep visibility into application delivery within your LAN, WAN and via the Internet. Within your LAN (or mobile user networks), you can utilize wired and WiFi performance metrics from Endpoint Agents on user devices to monitor and quickly identify faults related to network links, access points, gateways and proxies. You can also be alerted to wired and wireless LAN performance and quickly correlate impacted users and services.

Enterprise agents can also be used to auto-discover your network topology, gather device health metrics and monitor wireless access points, firewalls, routers, and switches. Collected data from your environment is then easily summarized in order to show top performance indicators across groups of users, applications and branch offices.