There’s nothing accidental about highly secure, high performing networks. The complexities of today’s enterprise applications and communications technologies, combined with constantly evolving security threats, have created a demand for top-notch network design and architecture – the kind of network archi- tecture your organization needs to ensure the security and availability of data and applications across your IT ecosystem.

Whether we’re designing a network from the ground up or expanding an existing network, Benex brings an unparalleled level of ex- perience and knowledge to network architecture design and deployment. We understand that every business has different require- ments. That’s why we design, build, implement and support custom networks with big-picture thinking and attention to the smallest details. As a result, the networks we create for our clients fit them like a glove.

  • Building materials are applied to the floor plans so we get accurate signal propagation.
  • Equipment locations are optimized for coverage and serviceability.
  • A planning sessions is held with the customer in order to further optimize the equipment locations.
  • Areas of special concern are identified, e.g. locations where abnormally large numbers of users may gather and locations where bandwidth critical applications are utilized.
  • Outdoor coverage is addressed and planned for
  • On-site validation follows with verification of predictive cover, age and bandwidth.
  • Sources of interference or poor coverage are documented and additional planning is done.
  • Predictive and on-site measurements are consolidated into a complete report.
  • Reports can be used for grading existing networks, or for providing a bill of materials for a new network.
  • Reports can also be used to provide a wiring crew with locations for new equipment installations.