Smart TV Solutions for Your Hotel

Our turnkey TV solutions for hotels cover the entire process – from planning to installation and support. We use the latest in hotel TV technology and information solutions, which includes everything from state-of-the-art TV systems and streamed content to linear TV channels.

TVs tailored to hotels

We deliver industry-leading TV solutions through connected hotel TVs from LG, Samsung and Philips with built-in wireless share capabilities on native COAX or full-IP networks.

Rich entertainment

Provide your guests with qualitative entertainment. Our package contains the licensing of TV channels, Video on Demand (VOD) and secure apps for hotels, hospitals, restaurants and bars.

Promote your brand and your services

Through our centralised content management system, you can design and edit targeted guest communications.

Keep your guests up to date

With access to useful information, news, weather, flights and push notifications, your guest will always have the latest information.

Bring Your Own Device solutions

Our BYOD solutions enable guests to seamlessly cast and share their media content from their own smart device to the in-room TV.


Provide an easy way to manage all TV content with a dashboard tool in order to control your business and improve your service towards your guests.